International Students attend local schools to learn the New Zealand lifestyle & English language
International Students live with an english speaking host family. Homestay accommodation for International students
Homestay accommodation for International students

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From Host families:  

Hosting International Students has taught out family lots about different cultures and how to be more accepting of different views and appreciate individuality.
Carin, Howick  

Being a Host Family to foreign children is an incredible experience.  Fantastic for children of your own to experience other cultures.  It is an opportunity to welcome young people into out homes and let them experience our Kiwi culture and hospitality. 
Lisa, Highland Park  

We are a family of 4, have hosted for many years and have valued the experience of sharing our home with foreign students.  The students we have had the privilege to host have all been fantastic, they are studious, well mannered and keen to learn about our NZ ways and culture, to better their English.  They enjoyed every meal with gusto and interest!  I would recommend any family to host a student if they want to enrich their own family in culture and social development. 
Sue, Cockle Bay  

We have enjoyed hosting many Korean students, and love watching them doing the haka!  Mealtime is always interesting, our food is so different, we would get them to rate the evening meal 1 - 10!!  They would always share "the best part of my day...."
Anne, Howick  

We have had a number of home stays and have found it a very rewarding experience. I think my boys have grown from living with and getting to know children from other countries, it has enriched their world view. We have had some very special children come and stay with us and I have enjoyed being their “NZ mum” for their stay. I would definitely do it again. 
Gerda, Bucklands Beach

We have hosted 4 Korean students  and each one of them has brought a unique joy to not only my family but my friends, neighbors and parents. The cultural exchange aspect of their visit was very enriching and educational for me and my children. What I didn't expect was the warmth and affection we all quickly developed for these visitors. Like with anything, the more you put into their visit the more you get out and I highly recommend the experience. 
Rachel, Dannemora  

From International Students:  

Yuri, 25 yr old (F) Japan:
“My host mother is very kind, no problem. I am satisfied with everything!! Her family and friends are very kind too. She speaks English clearly and it is easy to understand her. Thank you for such a lovely family.”

Van,19 yrs (F) Vietnam:
“My name is Van, I am living with Lynette’s family. My homestay family is good, my host dad is funny and my host mum is very kind. They teach me many good new things. Thank you for finding such a lovely family for me”

Xin, 15 yrs (M)China:
“I like my homestay. Thank you. You are very beautiful. See you. Xin”

Candy, 16 yrs (F)China:
“Kate is very nice. She helped me find my homestay. I am very happy.”